Will a Pacifier Affect Baby Tooth Development?

July 20, 2023

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A baby sucking a pacifier

Like many parents, you might have occasionally given your baby a pacifier. That’s only natural – the device is a great way to soothe fussy infants and help them calm down. However, you might wonder, “Will a pacifier affect your baby’s teeth?” After all, one can easily think it’d alter a still-forming smile. Well, your Fort Washington dentist is here to answer your question. Read on to learn how pacifiers put baby teeth at risk and how to use them responsibly.


Good Times! 5 Tips for Making Dental Care Fun for Kids

June 8, 2023

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child smiling while brushing her teeth

Like feeding themselves, walking, and potty training, your child has many skills to learn to become more independent. While other skills can wait until they get older, such as how to drive, brushing and flossing their teeth are essential to develop early on in life to protect their growing smile every day and give them confidence.

But for many kids, it can be struggle to get them to brush for a full two minutes. How can you make dental care a fun task, instead of a fight? Keep reading and try these tips from a pediatric dentist!